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The candy colored anatomy of Antoni Tudisco. You may have seen his wonderfully glossy work before in his Floral Project.

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3D printing using sugar, from The Sugar Lab.

Lovely, lovely, lovely. 

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“When creating his artwork, American artist Christian Faur does not utilize pure dabs of paint to create these Pointillist-style images. He uses simple crayons as the medium for his artwork, but not in the way that one might typically expect. Working with thousands of colorful wax sticks, Faur stands the crayons up and arranges the tips into pixelated patterns that form stunning portraits.

Some have equated Faur’s work to an interpretation of digital photography. The Kim Foster Gallery says that Faur replaces digital pixels with more than 145,000 crayons and that, “This expansion of the pixel allows us to see the structure and scaffolding behind the surface of an image, opening the viewer’s eyes to the hidden patterns and complex arrangements of points that make up a photograph.”

As viewers move around the space and adjust their perspective, the visual experience of Faur’s work changes with the movement. The full image is best viewed from a distance, but up close is where the best understanding of the three dimensional piece can be most fully appreciated.”

source: My Modern Met

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Pointillist Power

Stockholm-based photographer Philip Karlberg has also been twirling his pencils for some time, and now all that toying has resulted in a photo shoot for Plaza Magazine.

Karlberg’s six famous sunglass wearers were created using 1,200 sticks and photographed over six days.

Karl Lagerfeld - Jackie O - Lady Gaga - Johnny Depp - John Belushi


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‘Red Carpet Kemp’
by GERK 

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by MDL

Part 2 of the ‘Kemp off’